Encouraging Sports in Rural Zones for Minors at Risk of Social Exclusion and Improving the Facilities of a Sports Club

Project location: SPAIN, Flaçà
Project start date: January 2018 - Project end date: December 2020
Project number: 2018-005
Beneficiary: Club Esportiu Flaçà

The benefits of football are many, as it encourages friendship, teamwork, fighting spirit and discipline; it reduces stress, obesity and improves the cardiovascular system, alongside strengthening muscles and increasing bone density.

The activity of CE Flaçà as a social entity is guided by the values of gender equality, equality of opportunities and social inclusion. So it’s described in the commitment letter that’s published on the club’s web www.ceflaça.com.

CE Flaçà is a non-profit entity where the priorities are the initiation and formation of children, where we believe that their evolution in the practice of football is tied to their growth as persons. Behind all of this, there is the compromise of not excluding any child for sportive reasons: for this purpose we created a formative model where there are no ideological, racial and gender differences, where we train our players with the responsibility and the education in relation to others as an essential value for the practice of the sport.

Companionship, discipline, desire to overcome, strength against adversities and sacrifice are some of the most important values of our club, and we teach our players to compete while admitting their errors and correcting them, teaching to compete responsively and with love to the colors that they represent.

The quality of the sport is essential, but even more is the image and the respect of our players towards their rivals, the referees, and the public.
CE Flaçà is something more than a football club. It’s the way to learn to play football with everything that it represents, and a continuation of the education of the child after family and school.

The club has started various proposals and enterprises that require financial support to be carried out to achieve these values and objectives. The ones planned for the following 2018-2000 seasons are:

A. In 2017, CE Flaçà has joined the campaign of the Federació Catalana de Futbol (FCF) #Orgullosa, which encourages female football. A senior female football team has been created. The next objective or challenge for the oncoming seasons is to expand the female teams in other categories, to be able to balance their number in relation to the male teams.

B. The practice of sports, and particularly, football, has an important component of social cohesion in the territory where the CE Flaçà is at 10% of the minors and young people are immigrants; some of them have a risk of social exclusion. The club offers them the practice of football and the values that the organization promotes. in coordination with the social services of their respective municipalities in the zone. With that, we look to boost their insertion, be it one of the minors or their families, with the population. The club collaborates in paying federal dues, partnership dues, materials, etc.

C. CE Flaçà also takes responsibility for minors and young people whose families, for several circumstances, can’t afford the cost of practicing football. The club assumes all of their expenses: equipment, federative due, club partnership due and transport to train or assist matches and tournaments.

D. A voluntary contract for 2 persons has been made for the maintenance and cleaning of the facilities. One of these persons had been 10 years without a job, and the other has little resources. The monthly cost of these contracts is of 300,00 €, depending on the hours that they work.

E. With the goal to upgrade the facilities, there is a planned second phase to close the canopy for the spectators and familiars with sliding glasses on the frontal side.

On another side, due to the number of football teams, the expenses of signs, dues, and referees for the matches that the Federación Catalana de Futbol charges have been increased. All of this reduces the possibilities to dedicate funds to all of these activities.

CE Flaçà has received a grant from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, Delegació a Catalunya. 

The support will be destined to the next projects:

-    To pay the costs of partnership (Equipment, federative due, transport for tournaments, partner due), especially for the minors who are in a situation of social exclusion, approximately 10 every year. These will be selected in coordination with the social services of the municipalities that these minors belong to.

-    To pay the costs of partnership (as described before) of girls and women who want to join the female teams of the club.

-    To cover the cost of the modifications to the canopy for the spectators.

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