Management and Production- Teatre Akadèmia de Barcelona 2017-2018

Project location: SPAIN, Barcelona
Project start date: August 2017 - Project end date: July 2018
Project number: 2017-049
Beneficiary: Associació Civil Teatre Akadèmia

Teatre Akademia (TA) is a project that started in 2007 with the help and funding of the Elsa Peretti Foundation and its president, Elsa Peretti. The project has been managed by Eix49 SL., under the artistic direction of Merce Manguerra until 2015. That same year, the Associació Civil Teatre Akadèmia took the management of it with the help of the the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, Delegació a Catalunya.

The season 2017-2018 stands as a turning point for Teatre Akadèmia regarding both, the artistic direction and the team who is carrying it forward. 

Its overall objective has been to transform Teatre Akademia into:

  • A Production and exhibition Center for theater designed with consistency, risk and handmade feeling, where the public can find creations that propose universal themes.
  • A promotion center for related art projects, aiming to host resident companies providing asylum and generating synergies for mutual aid. An environment of respect and monitoring projects that accept the fragility of the creative process and wish to explore, discover and harmonize all the voices of those who build the show.
  • An area for training, research and development for professional actors and actresses led by teachers and artists to help deepen the excellence of the profession; where professionals can develop their goals while presenting their shows and exhibitions privately.
  • A place for meeting, reflection and discussion where interaction and different opinions help feed and strengthen programming, in addition to closer ties between people.
  • Dynamic axis of pilot programs in the field of social theater and orality, committed to raise awareness and bring imagination to children, adolescents and adults. Axis to deepen the language, initially Catalan, through teachers to help actors to improve speech in the interest of providing the world of theater new dramaturgy and theatrical adaptations.

The first phase of the project was carried out in 2007-10 with multiple activities, many international courses, exhibitions and workshops, theater workshops, rehearsals and performances of different companies.
In 2010 the area was restored to turn it into a permanent exhibition hall theater, opened with the premiere of Sophocles' Electra once the construction is completed.
The second phase, from 2010 to 2012, involved the construction of parking that prevented access to the room. During this period was developed the design of the website, the philosophy of the project, programming lines and the internal organization of the departments. Three productions were released in other theaters in the city and finally the license to carry out other activities is obtained.
The third phase from 2012 to date began with the definitive opening of the theater, where we continue with the education to professional actors with international teachers, in addition to the continuous display of shows.
Among other activities, it has produced so far a total of:
23 self developed shows, 19 self -organized courses (some of them with the collaboration of AISGE foundation), supported 21 resident companies, programmed 50 other shows with external companies, and organized 41 free activities for the general public.
Teachers of undisputed international reference such as Anatoli Vassiliev, Thomas Richards, Krystian Lupa, Andrés Lima; directors and pedagogues such as Dugald Bruce-Lockhart, Konrad Zschiedrich and Boris Rotenstein have collaborated on the project. So, as published by the press, the Teatre Akadèmia, has not only been a project of an "early maturity" (JA Benach, the, 05/10/14) but also a "second idyllic home for European theater "(M. Izard, Butxaca, 03.05.2015).
It is worth noting, from a standpoint of the general programming carried out, that the quality of the activities performed at Teatre Akadèmia represents a reference in the theatrical map of the city. We can say that the professional world and the press recognize the work and values the risk and excellence of the proposals.

Teatre Akadèmia continues working to achieve its goals for the 2017-18 season:
•    Incorporation of young talents
•    Involvement of actors with experience that improve and support the work of less experienced actors.
•    Deep relationship between pedagogy and productions
•    Management team who have guided our programming still work and contribute with maturity and intensity by directing actors.
•    Complicity with new resident companies
•    Opening to professionals in the international scene
•    Choice of plays that lack frivolity and present universal works
•    Provision of new versions and translations of the shows presented
•    New relationships with professionals

Teatre Akadèmia at its core is fundamentally characterized for selecting always a high quality artistic program, in which the shows by authors of universal scope come together with the performance of young talented actors, whom also carry out several cultural activities inviting for reflection on different topics.

Facing the new season, 2017 – 2018, the theater aims on continuing and strengthening the commitment with young talent next to such plays as Yerma, by Federico García Lorca, an example of current season theater’s self productions, one with a broad acceptance by the audience as well as greatly reviewed.  Another approach on regards with the artistic direction of the theater, consist on strengthening its international aspects by bringing pieces of great relevance, considering both, their respective casts and the conceptual atmosphere surrounding it.

Thus, within the upcoming season, the theater’s self production Link Link Circus makes its debut on stage a co-production with Elledieffe y Andiamo Avanti,. It’s a play conceived as well as it will be perform by no other than actress Isabella Rossellini. This is the world debut of a play conceived by a major international figure of the stage and the big screen, developed and framed in a small format stage: unprecedented milestone in Catalan scene. The show, a one-woman show, takes inspiration from an animal realm in which Rossellini submerges herself in monologue. Her former creation, Green porno, assumed with a similar approach, was a unquestionable success in Due Mondi Festival (Spoleto, Italy) at its debut, followed by an international tour covering more than 50 cities of the world (among Paris, London, Athens, Berlin, NY, Boston, Vancouver, Sydney and Madrid).

Link Link circus is a scenic project of major proportions not only because it counts on an international star but because it has a massive production work behind of it. The play, which will be co-produced by two Italian producers and which will be assumed in a 50% of production costs by them, will have the 3 weeks of co-production and rehearsals with Rossellini in NYC. Right after, Teatre Akadèmia will host rehearsals during 2 weeks more and will be followed by 2 more weeks of performance. Once the shows in Barcelona are over, the show will tour around Italy.

As for relevant figures in the international scene, Teatre Akadèmia will be working with a key celebrity, and one of the most solid referents, for Italian and European scene, Giorgio Strehler. Taking as a starting point Caro Giorgio, a show that was premiered a couple of years back in the Teatro Piccolo of Milano; the authors Guido Torlonia and Ludovica Damiani work in a theatrical piece based on the texts and interviews of the former play’s director. The show counts with a triad of actors who during 3 weeks will take turns to perform in the play. Mario Gas, Carmen Elías and Marisa Paredes, referents in the Catalan and Spanish scenes and award winning actors. The show will also count on the collaboration of young actress Carlota Olcina and TA hopes to also have Pol López.

Another fundamental issue of Teatre Akadèmia is that to assure that young talented performers take place to perform in plays of universal relevance, such as Federico García Lorca’s Yerma, play that will come alive again on the stage of the theater. It is our wish to offer for all those who didn’t have an opportunity to see this wonderful play the first time, to have another chance to enjoy Lorca’s work. Once the show is finished, they will go on tour around Catalonia.

On the other hand, TA has programmed the second edition of the international scope Air du Printemps Festival, in which this time we turn our look to France by the hand of a musical show with local performers, Allons François de la patrie, a brand new show that will open the Festival with a lecture on Muriel Mayette Holtz. A monologue entitled Réparer les vivant by Emmanuel Noble. This cast comes from Normandie Molière’s wining award, as well as literary evenings that will make up the cultural activities accompanying the main program of the fest. Needless to say that the first edition of Aria di Primavera Festival, focused on Italy, won the approval and consent from reviews and the audience.

Teatre Akadèmia upcoming season will close its repertoire with second edition Micro Theater Fest, having gained the audience consent in its former edition. This Festival gives the opportunity to young theater companies to present their shows, by the end, one will receive the Teatre Akadèmia Award, selected by a jury of professionals on the field, and the Audience Award. The winner of Teatre Akadèmia Award will have an opportunity to premiere their new production in Teatre Akadèmia during the following season.

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