Retrospective exhibition of photography printed using archival 19th Century techniques, by Ian Sanderson

Project location: SPAIN, Barcelona
Project start date: January 2017 - Project end date: April 2017
Project number: 2017-003
Beneficiary: Ian Sanderson

Mr Ian Sanderson, for the last twenty five years, has been a freelance  artist/photographer working in the UK, France and Spain.  Although he is regarded as a photographer, he has maintained the passion for imagery of all kinds. He taught drawing and printmaking at art school.
Photography has always followed technology so for Ian Sanderson, as a profesional, it was a logical step to learn  and adapt to the world of digital capture. His experience with printmaking helped him to understand and use the new way of making images. He was one of the first wave of photographers to use and manipulate images using ‘Adobe Photoshop’, the industry standard for digital photography. He has worked for a number of magazines and advertising agencies using digital manipulation.
After over a decade of ‘pixels’, Ian Sanderson began to think again about his ‘film’ archive the thousands of silver gelatin negatives captured over forty years,  negatives that are objects you can hold, not images trapped on a computer hard drive. Although digital images can be printed with superbe quality and definition, there is still a problem with longevity. The photograph as an object with it’s imperfections and the mark of the ‘maker’ is important.  To this end he started investigating processes that provided an ‘object’ and had longevity. The answer was in the two techniquess that provided both, Gum Bichromate and Platinum Palladium. 
The  Nando Peretti Foundation, Delegació a Catalunya awarded a grant for this exhibition, which will consist of 75 framed hand made prints ranging from 100cm x 60cm to 45cm x 55cm.  The prints represent work completed over the last 4 years. The images are taken from Ians archive which spans 40 years.  About 20% on the images are recent, mostly captured in Sant Marti Vell, Catalunya Spain.  There will also be a film of Ian working on a Gum Bichromate print as well as examples of prints and negatives to illustrate the various stages of the processes. Visitors will also be able to see a large view camera in a studio  situation,  focused on a ‘still life’
The exhibition will run from March 2 to March 31, 2017 at Lo Spazio Gallery in Barcelona.

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