The following list includes all of the projects which have received financial support from the Nando Peretti Foundation, Delegació a Catalunya. They are divided firstly by category, then by continent.

Europe  ITALY, Rome - “Cuentos Romane” - “Romane Tales”
 SPAIN, Girona - A Sport Project in Girona Based on School of Football that Facilitates Local Opportunities for Young People from Diverse Backgrounds
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Professional Guardianship of the Disabled Elderly with No Financial Resources in Barcelona, Spain
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Research on the Use of Bats in the Ecological Management of Insect Pests in Rice Paddies, Girona, Spain
Europe  SPAIN, Barcelona - Photographic Exhibition on Women’s Rights Across the World and Reportage on the Humanitarian Crisis in South Sudan  
 SPAIN, Barcelona - 170 Stories in Bottles. The Liceo Artistico Modigliani in Padua Performs DANUBIO by Claudio Magris
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Acquisition of part of the photographer Oriol Maspons (Barcelona, 1928-2013) collection deposited in the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Ciudad Mujer – Photographic exhibition in Barcelona by Antonio Nodar with the Consulate of El Salvador
 SPAIN - Fundació Güell – Nando & Elsa Peretti Foundation: Architecture Award 2023
 SPAIN, Sant Martí Vell, Gironès, Province of Girona - Landscape Painting Workshop at Sant Martí Vell
 SPAIN, Girona - Publication of a Diplomatic Collection of Sant Martí Vell (Spain) from the 16th century
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Retrospective exhibition of photography printed using archival 19th Century techniques, by Ian Sanderson
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Support to the Teatre Akadèmia de Barcelona
 VARIOUS COUNTRIES, Spain, Italy - Robert Llimós: Spaces
South America  BRAZIL, Sao Paulo - Ramon Llull, Universal Philospher
Europe  ITALY, Padova, Rabat - Supporting a 3-year Post-Graduate Program on the Arabic Transmission of Learning in the Mediterranean Area (8th-12th centuries)
 SPAIN, Bellvitge-Gornal, L’Hospitalet (Barcelona) - Artistic and Socio-Educational Workshops and Activities for Children and Young People in Situations of Vulnerability in the Bellvitge-Gornal Neighbourhood, Barcelona.
 SPAIN, Flaçà - Encouraging Sports in Rural Zones for Minors at Risk of Social Exclusion and Improving the Facilities of a Sports Club
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Language Space and Socialisation for Immigrant Women
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Paddle courses for people with intellectual disabilities in Barcelona, Spain
 SPAIN - Project for the Educational Success of Roma Youth in Catalonia and for the Dissemination of the Roma People’s Culture.
 SPAIN, Girona - Publication of a Diplomatic Collection of Sant Martí Vell, Spain
Environmental conservation
Europe  SPAIN, Sant Martí Vell - Forest fire prevention project in the municipality of Sant Martí Vell (Catalonia, Spain)
 SPAIN, Gavarres Massif (Girona) - Mediterranean Forests Restauration at Gavarres Massif
 SPAIN, Sant Martí Vell - Programme to Manage Four Colonies of Stray and Feral Cats in the Town of Sant Martí Vell
Human Rights
Asia  YEMEN - Humanitarian Emergency in Yemen: Food and Water Aid to Yemeni Families
Europe  SPAIN, Barcelona - Expression, Freedom, and Human Rights Public Reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on its 70th Anniversary
Promotion of Health
Europe  SPAIN, Barcelona - Attention to Children with Cancer and Other Long Term Diseases and their Families in Economic and Social Vulnerability
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Support to Battle Against Loneliness in Elderly People who are Legally Classified as Incapacitated and Have No Financial Resources , Barcelona
 SPAIN - Campaña Tragar Bien (Swallow Well Campaign)
 SPAIN, Madrid - Psychosocial Support for Children with Congenital Heart Diseases and their Families and Accommodation during Child's Hospitalization in Madrid
 SPAIN, Barcelona - Puppetry as a Way to Stimulate Relationships between Generations
 SPAIN, Mataró - Renewal of Essential Equipment in the Department of Radiology and the Operating Theatre due to Obsolescence of Equipment at Hospital of Mataró
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