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SPAIN, Bellvitge-Gornal, L’Hospitalet (Barcelona)
  Artistic and Socio-Educational Workshops and Activities for Children and Young People in Situations of Vulnerability in the Bellvitge-Gornal Neighbourhood, Barcelona.
District VI in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) is made up of two neighbourhoods – El Gornal and Bellvitge – physically...

SPAIN, Barcelona
  Paddle courses for people with intellectual disabilities in Barcelona, Spain
Nowadays, because of the social environment, it is essential to take initiative in order to cover the needs and concerns of the population in risk of...

SPAIN, Sant Martí Vell
  Programme to Manage Four Colonies of Stray and Feral Cats in the Town of Sant Martí Vell
The Project indicated having the Title “Programme to manage four colonies of stray and feral cats in the municipality of Sant Martí...

SPAIN, Sant Martí Vell
  Forest fire prevention project in the municipality of Sant Martí Vell (Catalonia, Spain)
The Gavarres Massif is a natural, protected Mediterranean forest located in the north-east of Catalonia (Spain). The biggest threat to this area is...

SPAIN, Gavarres Massif (Girona)
  Mediterranean Forests Restauration at Gavarres Massif
The Cork Forest Conservation Alliance (CFCA) campaigns globally for the protection and preservation of the Mediterranean cork forests, its...

ITALY, Padova, Rabat
  Supporting a 3-year Post-Graduate Program on the Arabic Transmission of Learning in the Mediterranean Area (8th-12th centuries)
An inclusive idea of Mediterranean culture and interfaith dialogue are major concerns of the present day. They are not vague hopes, but something...

SPAIN, Madrid
  Comprehensive Support for Families with Kids with Congenital Heart Diseases in Spain, Year IV
Chronic disease, hospitalization and medical and surgical treatments put kids with congenital heart diseases and their families in a difficult...

SPAIN, Sant Martí Vell, Gironès, Province of Girona
  Landscape Painting Workshop at Sant Martí Vell
Sant Lluc is an artistic activity centre located in Barcelona, firmly rooted in its citizens because of its activities and its history. It was...

SPAIN, Barcelona
  Research on the Use of Bats in the Ecological Management of Insect Pests in Rice Paddies, Girona, Spain
Crop losses caused by agricultural pests are and have always been an important worry for farmers. However, there are many natural predators such as...

SPAIN, Barcelona
  Ciudad Mujer – Photographic exhibition in Barcelona by Antonio Nodar with the Consulate of El Salvador
The exhibition has the aim to promote and give preponderance to the role of women in El Salvador. It will give a role to women not only in El...

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